Sunday, June 14, 2009

$2000.00 Limited Edition House Concert Package (Only 4 available)

For $2,000.00 you will receive the $250 package, AND:

The Undesirables will perform a House Concert in your home. You are encouraged to sell tickets, by which you can earn your money back, but the concert is paid for. One of the sweet things about this particular patronage is that it is the only one with which you can recoup what you have donated. Howzabout that?

House Concerts are THE most magical way to experience music. They are becoming more popular than they've ever been, they're an incredible community event, a great party, and in this case, the celebration would be for a landmark album that you have Executive-Produced (you will receive an Executive Producer credit in the liner notes of the album for this one. We're entering serious patronage territory now).

Let's make some Canadian Music History together, in this age of the Small Time. (only FOUR House Concerts available)

T-shirt Sizes:
Your name for the CD:

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