Sunday, June 14, 2009

$10,000.00 Limited Edition Lifetime Undie Package

Are you serious? Or you just scrollin'? You even readin' this one???

For $10,000 you will receive everything in the $5,000 package, which includes the house concert and the song, along with:

1) A supply of the CD for you to share with friends, family, co-workers, and anyone you like for as long as you like (or up to 100 copies, whichever comes first)

2) The Merch Package times five (gifts, again, for family, friends, or fellow fans)

3) Two lifetime V.I.P. passes to any Undesirables appearances anywhere.

4) A signed, One-Of-A-Kind Undesirables guitar. Weathered and beaten by hundreds of shows and thousands of miles.

There are two Limited Edition Lifetime Undie Packages, and two guitars, available.

They are a Jasmine (Takamine) and a Guild (True American). Songs like Singing Bones, Traveling Show, Alex Warner Revisited (all on the new album), along with California Wine, Fill Me Up With Sound, Down and Out, Look Out Jack, Sinking Into Sleep, Dancing On The Faultline, and Round Trip Love Song, were all written on the Jasmine. The Guild, on the other hand, was the guitar with which we produced If I Send For You, Up Above The Clouds, Night Train (all on the new album), Asking Me To Give You The Blues, The Dog You Forgot To Let In, This Town, Bus Stop Walk, 90 Days, Sandy Side of the Moon, The Butcher Song, and Summer's Gone.

Sean Cotton played these guitars to death but the ghosts they contain are top drawer.

5) One signed, framed photo of the guitar in action, from The Undesirables' archives.

If you give The Undesirables $10,000, we're yours for life. You will have our fealty till the end of the line. Wherever we go, and whatever we achieve, you will be in the fabric of The Undesirables' story, and of our success. The more we are able to raise, the freer we are to do the work we're here to do, which is to write the best songs, and to make the best albums, of our career. This is our time. We've still got something to show the world which they haven't seen yet, and donations at this end of the scale are going to set us free to do it. Of course, every contribution helps, and, if I may quote John Prine, 'a lot of little will do'. If I may quote Corin Raymond, 'where there's a will there's a wallet'. At least that's what we're hoping.

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