Sunday, June 14, 2009

$250.00 Stop Fighting It: Become An Undie!

Time to up the ante. For $250 you will be on the receiving end of:

(a) Two signed CDs. Yours, of course, plus an additional, gift copy, inscribed to a recipient of your choosing (your Uncle in Texas, for instance, or your grandmother-- the one who sends you those beautiful hand-knit beer cozies)
(b) An Undie Shirt
(c) The Undie Pack: A signed poster, sticker, fridge magnet, pin, and stubby holder
(e) Two tickets to any Undesirables performance


... a Digital Download of a Live Undesirables Show


Your name will be included in the liner notes of the CD package. At this point you are making the record with us, and have officially joined our Order. You are now an UNDIE. It's a dubious distinction at best-- it may even do harm to your reputation... but though we may walk under a hail of derision, down a gauntlet of hisses and jeers, we will walk together, as Undies. Wherever you go, you'll have us on your side. You'll be in bad shape and good company, and that's not such a terrible way to travel.

T-Shirt Sizes:
Your name for the CD:

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